“What does my ex -wife need from me?”

We broke up two years ago, without conflicts. Both of them turned out safely, we have nothing to share, but in any case she asks me to give her some trifle. It comes to the ridiculous: “Get back, if possible, my old hammer”. I don’t feel sorry for the hammer, I just can’t understand.

Something suggests that your ex-wife is a highly consistent, reliable, reliable, slightly “binding” in detail and does not forget anything-all this, if desired, can be called boring, pettiness.

I won’t undertake to guess what exactly she needs from you now, but it seems that the insignificant requests are ridiculous – this is part of a long ritual of completing her relationship with you and the house, which has long been to her home. When an “old hammer” appeared in it? If he was part of the “dowry”, another aspect is visible in his return: life continues, there is something of its own, familiar, which cannot be destroyed by any everyday storms.

Taking his own, a person seems to restore his own “I”. In a situation where people had a common economy, common interests, strong habits and ways, such a restoration may be important. Of course, all this more or less corresponds to reality, only if during these two years such appeals to you were gradually naught.

Your ex-wife does not need something from you (it’s not about any new

requests, inappropriate in the current situation). Rather, her feelings and actions are turned to a whole period of life, which is not yet completed. Perhaps this process has passed faster, but the fact that you are very different people is not new for you.

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